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Charakupa Designs About Us

Many people don't have websites. 
From the research carried out, it was realized that this is because of three main factors:

  • They think websites are expensive
  • They do not want to learn web development
  • They are afraid of being ripped off and having their hard earned money wasted on a poorly designed website

This is what led to the creation of Charakupa Designs. The packages that we have on offer are suitable for every sort of business i.e. the girl who has a side hustle she wants to get serious with right up to the well-established business wanting to get an online presence. 

We offer a variety of packages and deal with all the technical stuff ensuring that you get you get your website without worrying about what both HTML and CSS are.

We have been in the web development industry for close to a year now, and have managed to create a reputable brand that is trusted by customers both inside and outside Zimbabwe.

Why not get yourself a website?