Dreaming about releasing your own eBook?

NOW is your time. Let me make an impressive looking printable eBook for you that will act as an awesome lead magnet and drive sales 

I render the following services:

  1. Ebook Cover Design Creation
  2. Digital Presentations - Ideal for: hackathons, sales presentations and investor pitching
  3. Ebook Content Formatting
  4. Ebook Content Creation

Here are a few samples of the work I have done:

Charakupa Designs Self Management Ebook

Screw Love! Let's Make Money!

Throughout history, there have been two major forces that have driven people's actions - money and love. As you probably know, good relationships are hard to find. This book takes advantage of both emotions - the hatred towards love and the desire to be wealthy.

This book was launched on valentines day and brought a great deal of prospective clients. It is the perfect lead magnet.

Charakupa Designs Zimbabwe, How to live your best life in Zimbabwe ebook

Zimbabwe Guide: How to Live Your Best Life

Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country. However, it is not everybody who knows what this country is all about.

Go through this e-book to get a quick overview of how to live your life the best way when you come to this blessed nation.

Charakupa Designs Self Management Ebook

Self Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how we conduct ourselves. We now have online lectures, and never-ending zoom meetings.

This short e-book was made to help the readers manage their limited time through the tried and tested strategies mentioned. Give it a read.

Charakupa Designs Self Management Ebook

Chef Ryan

Ryan Chikwaka is a Kariba based chef who makes food that will leave you begging for more.

To complement his professional website, a nice e-book was made which gives a quick overview of the services he has on offer.

Impressed by the ebooks above? Well, it's time for you to get your very own!