Charakupa Designs Portfolio

Charakupa Designs Web portfolio - Events by Sarchie

Events by Sarchie

This is a dynamic website made for the wedding planner, Sarchie Kay. This dynamic website was made to show her clients the fantastic services she has on offer.

Charakupa Designs Web Portfolio - Potifa Holidays

Potifa Holidays

Potifa is the go-to agent for getting holidays in Kariba. Have a look at the static website we made to advertise his tourism services.

Charakupa Designs Web Portfolio - BenTa

BenTa Chemicals

This is a super fast static website generated for the company, BenTa.
On this site, the client advertises laboratory chemical equipment and glassware.

Charakupa Designs Web Portfolio - Chef Ryan

Chef Ryan

This is a very simple portfolio website made for the local Kariba chef, Ryan. On this website, he advertises his catering services.

Charakupa Designs - Practical Electronics

Practical Electronics

This is a website that was made with electronics in mind. On this site, you will find various blogposts that explain how everyday electronic devices work and the magic behind their operation.

Charakupa Designs - Talcourt Constructions

Talcourt Constructions

This is a website made for the company, Talcourt Constructions. On this website, they advertise their borehole & drilling services.

Charakupa Designs Web Portfolio - Zimbabwe Guide

Zimbabwe Guide

Need to know what to look out for when visiting Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe guide has you covered. Have a look at the static site we made for them.

Charakupa Designs Web Portfolio Maputiatota Blog

Maputiatota's Blog

This is a website made where maputiatota posts his crazy thoughts aimed at inspiring and entertaining his audience.